Our Company

Tropisol Produce is a company founded on the simple principal of delivering the highest quality of all-natural tropical product to our customers around the globe. To accomplish this we understand that we first must work hand in hand with our farmers because our commitment to quality and freshness starts with them. We take pride in ensuring that our farmers follow standard farming practices and also compensate them fairly for the services and products which they provide. In our facility, the maximum time allowed from the time the product is harvested to the time it is frozen and packaged for delivery is 24 hours. This simple but important requirement guarantees freshness and extraordinary taste to our customers and is made possible by our outstanding relationship with our farmers!

Once the product is received at our facility our employees play the next vital role in the selection and packaging of the product. Our state of the art facility provides a clean and safe work environment and we follow efficient and proven operational procedures. Our facility follows HACCP, AIB and FDA guidelines and we are currently working on obtaining complete certification from AIB and HACCP and expect to have this milestone accomplished by the end of 2013.

We are committed to the well being, education and training of our employees and provide an excellent work environment. We encourage our employees to continue to grow professionally and provide the tools and support necessary to assist them.

Our focus is to provide innovation to all aspects of our business with the goal to provide the freshest product with superior taste to our valued customers around the globe.